Orange Pilling the US Congress

A Catalyst for Bitcoin Adoption in U.S. Government

Geyser Fund, The Orange Pill App & The Bitcoin Community

What started as a twitter semi serious challenge ended up becoming reality.

“It was a rainy & stormy night when inspiration struck and we thought of offering to send a copy of The Bitcoin Standard to each US congressman if Saifedean Ammous joined OPA

To our surprise, Saif graciously accepted the offer and joined OPA.

Now here comes the problem... the book retails for $14.99 on Amazon so this little stunt cost us ~$8k...

If you'd like to join us in this crazy quest, feel free to donate some sats ⚡️

Love, Orange Pill App

UPDATE: We will be hand-delivering the books on Jun 22nd 2023 with Dennis Porter!”

The project was overwhelmingly funded


On 6/23/2023 9:28 AM EST The 535 Bitcoin Standard Books got Delivered to their desks.

The ongoing debates about digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, are set to revolutionize our understanding of money and the ways it can be used in our societies. One key component to accelerating this change, oddly enough, might just be a book - "The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking" by Saifedean Ammous.

This book, widely acclaimed for its deep dive into the economic history of Bitcoin and its potential impact on future financial systems, could be a game changer if introduced as a read to all U.S. senators. Here's why:

Demystifying Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Standard does an exceptional job in unraveling the intricate and often complex world of Bitcoin. It outlines the history of money and emphasizes how Bitcoin's decentralized nature could be an antidote to the problems inherent in our current monetary system.

By gifting this book to all U.S. senators, we ensure they possess a comprehensive understanding of Bitcoin and its underpinnings. Knowledge is key to effective policy-making. As our representatives grapple with how best to regulate and integrate digital currencies into our economy, the Bitcoin Standard could serve as a valuable resource.

Promoting Non-Political Currency

Bitcoin, by its very design, is non-political. Its value is not directly influenced by any government policies or actions. The Bitcoin Standard articulates this aspect well, and if absorbed by U.S. senators, it could open them up to the possibility of a currency that functions beyond political borders and influence. This idea might seem radical to some, but history provides ample evidence of monetary systems operating effectively without political controls.

Facilitating Financial Innovation

For the U.S. to maintain its status as a global financial leader, innovation is critical. Embracing Bitcoin is an important part of that. The Bitcoin Standard provides a clear rationale for why Bitcoin is not merely another financial fad but a groundbreaking technology that can drive significant financial innovation. Having U.S. senators read this book may well accelerate the recognition and adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Encouraging Prudent Policy

Understanding the potential and pitfalls of Bitcoin could lead to more informed and balanced regulation. The fear of the unknown often leads to stringent restrictions that may stifle innovation. The Bitcoin Standard serves as a primer for senators to understand the fundamental principles of Bitcoin, enabling them to draft policies that encourage its use while protecting consumers.

A Path to Financial Sovereignty

Perhaps the most crucial aspect the Bitcoin Standard emphasizes is the concept of financial sovereignty. In the Bitcoin world, individuals control their wealth directly, without the need for a trusted intermediary. This idea can redefine financial inclusivity and equality, topics at the heart of many political discussions.

Gifting "The Bitcoin Standard" to all U.S. senators might seem like a small gesture, but it could have far-reaching impacts. It could not only reshape their understanding of Bitcoin but also potentially influence their decisions and policies, thereby accelerating the adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin at a national and international level.

In conclusion, a shared understanding of the potential and principles of Bitcoin, as provided by the Bitcoin Standard, could be a significant force driving Bitcoin's adoption in the U.S. And who knows? This might just be the catalyst needed to transition us from traditional monetary systems to a future powered by the Bitcoin network.